Clinical Treatments

Precision in Procedure, Compassion in Care.


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Professional Clinical Treatments at Familia Health Clinic

At Familia Health Clinic, we believe in providing comprehensive healthcare solutions, and that includes a wide array of professional medical procedures conveniently performed at our state-of-the-art clinics. From minor surgical procedures to pediatric illness and injury treatments, we're committed to offering prompt, effective care when you need it the most.

Medical Procedures at Familia Health Clinic

At Familia Health Clinic, we understand that certain medical concerns, whether it's the need for stitches, wound repair, or burn treatment, demand immediate attention. Waiting for a doctor's appointment or enduring long hours at a hospital emergency room is not the solution. That's why we offer a range of medical services, encompassing minor surgical procedures, all within the comfort of our state-of-the-art clinics.

Visit us at Familia Health Clinic for comprehensive medical procedures, conveniently available when you need assistance the most.

  • Antibiotic, Fluid & Hydration Treatment
  • Bladder Catheterization
  • Diaper Dermatitis
  • Ear Wick Placement
  • Electrocautery
  • Epistaxis Control/Stopping Nosebleeds
  • Fingernail or Toenail Removal, Partial or Complete
  • Foreign Body Removal
  • Gelfoam Application
  • Hard Cast Removal
  • Incision & Drainage
  • Minor Burn Debridement
  • Minor Non-Surgical Procedures
  • Minor Surgical Procedures
  • Partial Casting/Splinting
  • Pediatric Illness & Injury Treatments
  • Pediatrics
  • Phimosis, Paraphimosis, and Foreskin
  • Reductions of Dislocations
  • Ring Removal with Ring Cutter
  • Subungual Fingernail Hematoma Evacuation
  • Thrush
  • Tick Removal
  • Wound Dressing
  • Wound Repair/New Methods
  • Wound Repair/Stitches
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Discover the Familia Health Clinic difference

  • Onsite Procedures: All medical procedures conveniently performed at our modern clinics.

    Prompt Care: No need to wait for a hospital emergency room; our clinics are open when you need help.

    Comprehensive Services: From minor surgical procedures to pediatric treatments, we offer a full spectrum of medical care.